Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Secrets to Playing Perfect Tennis

Have you ever read Marmalade Boy by Wataru Yoshizumi? Believe me when I say that you don't know, truly know, tennis until you have read that book. Prince of Tennis has got nothing on Marmalade Boy in terms of tennis skills.
Without first reading Marmalade Boy, tennis should be illegal to attempt because you will fail every time.


  1. I've read Marmalade Boy! OMG, I just love the way they grunt with each swing. Is that how we're supposed to play?

    1. Grunting is one of key elements of successful tennis playing. I'm surprised you picked up on that just from reading it. Usually, the anime tends to cause people to realize the grunting is important because it is vocalized.
      However, grunting is not the only thing necessary for a perfect game of tennis. Look closer at both the book and show, Marmalade Boy, and comment again when you think you have it figured out!

    2. Are you sure? I mean, I have watched and read Marmalade Boy about a million times! It's true that I didn't notice the importance of grunting until about my hundred twelfth time reading the series, but I probably would have noticed anything else by know. As you said, the grunting is harder to notice when reading the book because I can't physically hear it. If I noticed something as unnoticeable as that, you think I would have noticed everything else, right? Please, just tell me what I'm missing because I am dying from the need to finally pick up a racket and swing!

    3. You'll have to wait for tomorrow since others may still want a chance to figure it out for themselves.
      A warning to anyone out there who is determined to figure it out alone, don't go looking at The Secret Tennis Diaries tomorrow without shielding your eyes!

    4. Thanks so much, Prima! I'm looking forward to finding out the secrets of the perfect tennis game!