Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Appropriate Manner to Grunt

Many of you have been asking, how exactly do we grunt? I've tried to answer briefly in the comments, but I don't think it's working. Grunting is a tried and true technique when playing tennis that has been developed over the years, since the birth of tennis even, and requires more than one line explanations. This is why I am sharing with you the series, The Appropriate Manner to Grunt, which consists of seven highly detailed parts. However, as each part will take time to digest, practice and hopefully perfect, they will be given to you spread out in uneven intervals as to keep you on your toes and ever anxious for the arrival of the next part.

In Part I, we will be briefly addressing the four major categories of grunts, including a short description of what makes your grunt a specific kind of grunt and the basic, appropriate uses of each type of grunt. Each category will be delved into further in the other parts. Furthermore, the other parts will have audio aids to help you capture the essence of each kind of grunt, so do not fear if you can't comprehend this by reading words alone.

Look forward to Part I in the near future and keep practicing what you think is your signature grunt in the meantime!

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